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Complex Cases & TMJ

Complex Cases

Sometimes patients live with dental dysfunction or poor-function because they don't think there is an answer. Dr. Penshorn has helped multiple patients overcome seemingly "impossible" dental problems by creating a custom long-term treatment plan that address many levels of complexity. These are usually tackled in tandem with other dental specialists and sometimes physicians, with Dr. Penshorn as the central professional to give new beauty and better function to uncomfortable, unattractive or poorly working teeth.

For example: The patient below, age 44, had an unusual cross-bite that had resulted in extreme chipping and abrasion of his teeth. He had previously been told that he would have to have jaw surgery to correct the cross-bite. By teaming up with a very talented orthodontist, it was possible to move all of his teeth into correct alignment and then Dr. Penshorn restored the shape of the 12 front teeth with direct bonded composite material. Porcelain crowns will follow in the future.

If you have given up hope for a better-functioning and more attractive dental condition, Dr. Penshorn would be glad to consult with you about a long-term solution to your complex situation.

Before & After

This patient had severe tooth alignment problems that were causing extreme abrasions on a number of teeth.

The solution for his smile was a combination of orthodontic realignment and composite restorations on his front 12 teeth to transform his mouth. All-ceramic crowns will replace the composite restorations in the future.

Before Cosmetic Procedure
- Before -
After Cosmetic Procedure
- After -

TMJ Disfunction

Temporomandibular Joint Disfunction, known as TMJ, is a diagnosis of pain in or near the joint of your jaw. It is primarily caused by clenching or grinding of the teeth, either occasionally or as the result of an injury. Pain can result from damage to the joint itself or to one or more of the muscles that moves the jaw. Treatment often involves making a mouth guard and taking an anti-inflammatory drug for a period of time. On occasion, muscle relaxants and physical therapy are also prescribed to address this issue.

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