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Infection Control in this Schertz Dental Office

With infectious disease concerns in the media, it is understandable that patients want to know what steps we take to protect them from disease while they are at the dentist. In our Schertz dental office, we go beyond the required protocols for infection control. Obviously, we change gloves for every patient, but what else would you want to know?

You would want to know that we disinfect each operatory between each patient with an EPA-approved target germicide that is effective against fungus, viruses (including HIV and Hepatitis) and tuberculosis.

You would want to know that we send spore test strips weekly to a lab that verifies that our sterilization equipment is always effectively sterilizing instruments, and that we perform a monthly maintenance check on each of these machines to ensure they are in top working order without any gaps in their function.

You would want to know that we use distilled water in all dental lines. This means there is no chlorine and no bacteria in the water the dentist uses in your mouth. (In contrast, tap water for drinking has chlorine and potentially bacteria on occasion.) In addition, our water lines are purged every morning and every evening to prevent bacteria from growing in those lines. Even after taking these precautions, we still test these lines for bacteria on a regular basis.

You would want to know that dental vacuum (suction) lines are cleaned every week and after every surgery. Even though suction lines and saliva ejectors are designed to not have backflow, we take this additional step for your protection.

Your good health is our highest priority. In this Schertz dental office we take extra time and specific steps to reduce the spread of germs. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call and ask.

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