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Dr. Penshorn, a Schertz-Cibolo-Garden Ridge-Area dentist, accepts all kinds of insurance but is out-of-network for all plans. This means…

  • If your insurance is a traditional indemnity plan that allows you to see any dentist you like, it will work well here. We will file your insurance for you and estimate your balance due to us at the time of service. Any difference between our estimate and the actual insurance coverage will be billed/refunded to you when the insurance company pays its portion.

  • If your insurance plan is a PPO (preferred provider organization) that gives you an “in-network” list, we are out of network (not on the list) but we can still serve you and your insurance coverage will still be applied toward your bill. You will receive the same dollar amount of coverage, the same annual maximum and the same deductible that you would receive if you went to an in-network dentist. However, since we do not have the negotiated lower fees associated with the PPO, your out-of-pocket portion of the fee for service will be slightly higher than at an in-network dentist.

  • If you are an active duty military dependent, I am now an out-of-network provider. You can maximize your out-of-network benefits here and we will file the claim for you. We have many military families in this practice and we do everything we can to advocate for them. Please call us if you have specific questions.

  • If you are a veteran holding a voucher from the Veteran’s Administration (VA) for dental care, Dr. Penshorn is an approved VA provider and we can treat you here. Please bring us the VA voucher so we can review it before we make you an appointment. Please call Catherine at our office if you have additional questions about this.

  • If your insurance plan is a DMO (dental maintenance organization) that requires you to see an in-network dentist, your insurance plan will not cover any work that we do, so your total fee would be due at time of service.

  • If your insurance is a discount plan, this means you must select a dentist from a list given to you by the plan director. These dentists have agreed to give a discount off of selected procedures. No insurance is filed at all; you simply receive a lower price for some services and you pay the provider that lower price at time of service. We do not participate in discount plans so our regular fees apply and there is no insurance to file.

  • We do offer a dental financial plan called Care Credit that allows you to make payments for dental work as needed. Catherine at our front desk can give you all the details regarding this plan that is simple to implement.

    For more information about Care Credit:

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