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The role of technology in the dental office has changed a lot since I started serving the Schertz - Cibolo - Garden Ridge and Greater Randolph areas in 1982. We now use computer charting to back up our handwritten records and charts, and this office has led the way in incorporating dental x-ray and photographic and mouth modeling technologies that benefit you the patient. In 2021 we added a CT scanner that takes both panoramic x-rays as well as “cone beam” x-rays. This additional tool allows us to expand our treatment options for you here, without sending you elsewhere when these views are needed.

I have used intra-oral video technology in my office for 25 years. This tiny camera allows you, the patient, to view the condition of the inside of your mouth and individual teeth at high magnification and clarity in real time. Because you can see it on the monitor in front of you while you discuss it with me, it equips you to make a more knowledgeable decision about your treatment options. We have found it to be very helpful in improving patient understanding of their own dental health and the appropriate dental treatment to pursue.

We've also been using digital x-rays for many years, updating this technology as it changes generations of software. This system offers you, the patient, improved access to visual aids that can help you make informed decisions regarding your dental treatment options. The digital x-rays are instantaneous and immediately viewable on a video monitor in the treatment room. The monitor-sized images and newest enhancement features are a vast improvement for both patient and dentist in bringing better clarity to areas of x-rays which have historically been hard to see clearly.

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