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Family dentistry has changed a lot since I started my Schertz-area dental practice in 1982. We now use computer charting to back up our handwritten records and charts, and we have kept pace with the technological advances that benefit you. Recently there have been concerns in the media regarding the security of electronic health records. While we use current dental technology as diagnostic tools, we do not routinely expose your records to the internet. All of your records are limited to our in-office network.

I have had an intra-oral video system in the office for nearly 20 years now. This tiny camera allows you, the patient, to view the condition of the inside of your mouth and individual teeth at high magnification and clarity in real time. Because you can see it on the monitor in front of you while you discuss it with me, it equips you to make a more knowledgeable decision about your treatment options. We have found it to be very helpful in improving patient understanding of their own dental health and the appropriate dental treatment to pursue.

In 1997, we added the Schick Digital x-ray system, becoming the 3rd office in the greater San Antonio area to embrace this dental technology. This system launched us into the digital realm which again offers you the patient improved access to visual aids that can help you make informed decisions regarding your dental treatment options. The digital x-rays are instantaneous and immediately viewable on a monitor in the treatment room. In addition, the monitor-sized images are a vast improvement for both patient and dentist in discerning the smallest features of a dental concern. The enhancement features of this technology bring improved clarity to areas of x-rays which are typically much less clear.

In 2008, we added the in-office capability of providing ceramic/porcelain inlays, onlays and crowns using the Cerec cad-cam technology. The Cerec offers great convenience for patients because the tooth can be prepared and the crown then milled and seated in one slightly longer appointment, saving the patient the usual return trip for the second step. This system is not suitable for every treatment situation, but can be a cost effective and time saving option for the patient when appropriate. For more information on crowns, see that information under Services/Restorative on this website.

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